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Milly Taylor

Milly Taylor

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I am a hauora enthusiast and am so grateful to be able to continue sharing the tools I’ve learnt through online platforms during this time. I teach vinyasa yoga as well as mindfulness to children as a part of the M3 team.

I have practiced yoga since the age of 15 and have taught for the past 4 years. I have learnt from a range of teachers over the world the last few years with different methodologies and take snippets of all and merge them into my own style of teaching. I prioritise breath over physical depth and encourage people to check in with their minds and inner selves as well as their physical selves.

My classes are designed primarily to connect students to their breath to bring them into the present moment. They are fluid and challenging but are for any level of practitioner.

You can find me teaching online classes at my Instagram @millytaylor__ (double underscore), any donation is appreciated if you can.

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