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Amanda Fell Yoga

Amanda Fell Yoga

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Amanda, a Yoga and Barre instructor that has a passion for living each moment in a mindful and aware state. Constantly seeking to embody this way of living on and off her mat, she is a firm believer that your practice can inspire how you approach each and every day. She loves to create unique and special experiences, finding different and interesting ways of sharing yoga and movement with people of all walks of life.

Originally from New Zealand, Amanda has enjoyed travelling often, becoming inspired from her various adventures abroad. She has recently entered the journey of motherhood and her son is a new constant inspiration, teaching her the ultimate lessons in Patience and presence.

Amanda has a love for creative and original sequencing and is fascinated with finding new and exciting ways of moving the human anatomy. Class offerings are a wide range from Barre, to Vinyasa and Yin yoga, but she particularly enjoys guiding pre and post natal women, children and baby-inclusive yoga. Her classes are often set to an inspiring playlist, that complements and uplifts your class and takes you on a journey from start to finish. Amanda has a fun and friendly approach to teaching. She loves to encourage her students to push their boundaries in a safe and enjoyable way and achieve things they didn't think they necessarily could, filling them with confidence and happiness inside and outside of their practice.

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