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60min Finding Balance Vinyasa Yoga Practice with Samantha Shorter

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Flow with my 'Finding Balance' playlist on Spotify here
This week's practice is all about bringing balance to our minds and bodies. When we feel physically, mentally and energetically balanced, we’re able to connect to that calm, whole, centered place inside ourselves, balancing strength with stillness, fluidity with stability, and presence with peace.
With everything that’s been going on in our lives lately, all the changes, the instability, the waves of emotions, it’s so important to keep coming back to your centre; to find an inner settling so you can restore a sense of equanimity within yourself, especially when things feel scary or chaotic or overwhelming. You can try inviting a little balance back into your being by taking a few deep conscious breaths, or maybe practicing yoga or meditating, or even simply by allowing yourself to be fully present with whatever it is that you are doing.
Remember, no matter what chaos or instability is going on around you, you have a refuge within you which you can return to again and again to find peace.