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45min Scorpion HIIT with Rebekkah Farrell

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SCORPION 45 minute HIIT training

How the workout works:
- Intro to workout structure
- Demo of exercise and their regressions
- Warm up time
- Training time

*Please note: there are timing indicators but no music - turn the workout volume up, as well as your own beats and train to your favourite tunes.

Equipment: mat (or similar support for your back), towel (things are going to get sweaty), water bottle, resistant band (optional), any weights available (e.g. dumbbells, plates - optional for your own additional strength work).

Experience level: intermediate-advanced, regressions included.

10 exercises / 3 laps / cardio + strength
*1st lap = 3x each exercise, 2nd lap = 2x each exercise, 3rd lap = 1x each exercise & cardio/odd no.s only (1, 3, 5, 7, 9)

Laps: Lap 1: 3x 30 sec on / 10 sec rest Lap 1 recovery: 60 sec
Lap 2: 2x 30 sec on / 10 sec rest Lap 2 recovery: 40 sec
Lap 3: 1x 20 sec on / 10 rest – ODD numbers only (cardio exercises 1, 3, 5, 7, 9)

Exercise 1 Lateral lunges with explosive jump Regression: lateral lunges
Exercise 2 8 pulse squats, 1 jump squat Regression: bodyweight squats
Exercise 3 Bear crawl square: forward / side / back / side Regression: bear crawl forward / back
Exercise 4 Supermans x6 / flutter-kicks x12 Regression: lessen range
Exercise 5 Burpee sprawl tuck-jump / burpee sprawl butt-kick Regression: burpee sprawl with/without jump
Exercise 6 Push-up tempo 3,0,1 to shoulder tap Regression: same on knees
Exercise 7 Ice skaters Regression: grounded opposite knee-to-elbow steps
Exercise 8 Plank-ups Regression: same on knees
Exercise 9 Double knee strikes (with jump) Regression: grounded double knee strikes Exercise 10 Kick crunches Regression: arm and/or hand support, lessen range