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30min Full Body Strength Follow Along Workout with Gary Mulholland

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What's up guys, my name is Gary, and I'm a fitness instructor at Les Mills in Auckland New Zealand.

This is a 30 minute full body strength workout, where our focus is strength, hypertrophy and overall time under tension.

So grab yourselves some weights, pick a spot in your gym or at home, and let's do this workout together
7 Blocks of work. Within each block of work is 4 rounds, 50 seconds on & 10 seconds off. Let's get after it!

#1 - Squats & Swings

#2 - Deadlifts & Bulgarians

#3 - Chest - Dumbbell Chest Press

#4 - Shoulders - Delts & Military

#5 - Back - Rows

#6 - Biceps & Triceps

#7 - Core