Supporting your local fitness friends

For instructors

Who is eligible to apply?

This site was set up to primarily support independent fitness instructors and small businesses who don't have the capability to set up donation options online. If you are a larger company, you can follow these instructions by Shopify to set up a gift card site for your business.


How does it work?

  • As a fitness instructor / yoga teacher etc, you can apply (see below), and when accepted we will create a profile for you based on the information you share with us.
  • Your profile will include a link to wherever you normally host your virtual classes (e.g. Instagram, Vimeo), or we can embed YouTube videos on the page
  • You share your page with your clients/supporters. Friends, family and all users of 'Give Fit Back' can access your profile and take your classes via your chosen platform. We do not facilitate the delivery of virtual classes (just the accepting/remitting of payments)
  • There will be no fees for users, however, we highly suggest they make a donation towards the class and for your time.
  • There's no cost - you'll receive all donations minus the credit card transaction fees (2.7% + 30c). Payouts are weekly via a nominated NZ bank account.

How do I apply? 

  • Please fill out this form
  • By applying, you agree that we are acting as your agent for taking donations online. We agree to act as your agent, and process payments for you, then remit those funds to you on a regular basis. Please refer to the terms and conditions on our website.
  • If you don't have a platform for uploading/delivering classes, we recommend setting up a YouTube channel, as we can then embed the videos on your page. 
  • If approved, we'll add you to the directory and send you the link once it's live.
  • We don't facilitate the delivery of virtual classes, but happy to provide guidance if you need. 

How much of the donation do I receive? What are the fees?

You receive everything, minus credit card transaction fees (2.7% + 30c). There are no fees.  

How do I get paid and when can I expect payment?

  • We act as an agent for accepting donations on your behalf. We process the payments then remit those funds to you on a regular basis
  • All proceeds go directly to you (minus transaction fees of 2.7% + 30c) 
  • All payments will be processed to your nominated bank account weekly

Do I have to pay tax? 

These donations are the same as if someone was buying classes from you, and should be considered as income (so you will need to account for the GST component). Please consult an accountant as we are not experts. 

How do I get people to pay for classes?

We encourage you to promote this via your marketing channels. This is all about engaging your loyal following! 

  • Share the link with your client base, followers, and network
  • Include the link pre, during and post workouts 
  • We'll provide assets you can use in comms
  • We can provide you a custom checkout link that will take users directly to a checkout with your nominated $ amount 

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