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60min Vinyasa flow from Soph's Grandma's living room with Sophie Hallwright

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Since we're all stuck at home and I have far too much time on my hands, I've decided what better way to give-back, than plan and film yoga videos. We're all stressed, confused and a little out of sorts so anytime you can take a minute to breath, or an hour to create space within your mind and body is guaranteed to help.
I am coming at to you live (well technically not live), from my Grandma's lounge room - which is where I've been hibernating the past month in lockdown. God love her - my Granny has the softest carpet in the world, which is amazing in most circumstances, but not when you're trying to transform the room into a yoga studio. Warning: there aren't any cute indoor plants, incense or slick wooden floors. Aesthetics aside, I won't let it stop me from bringing yoga and hopefully a little peace, from my living room to yours.
Since the most cardio I've been doing lately is walking 5 steps to the fridge, I haven't been in the mood for intense yoga - my practice during lockdown has definitely been leaning towards a more yin style. This class is a slow flow, hopefully with just the right amount of yin and yang to find effort within the ease.
I hope you enjoy it and if you have ANY questions or feedback please leave a comment I would love to hear from you. Lots of social distancing hugs and namaste's, Soph xxx