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30min Upper Body Dumbbell & Kettle Bell workout with Gary Mulholland

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30 minute upper body workout with just 2 x dumbbells and a kettlebell. So whether you're at home, at the gym, grab some weights and let's get growing!

This is a strength workout. Let's get strong!

This workout has been split in to 7 x Blocks of work. Within each block of work is 4 rounds, 50 seconds on & 10 seconds off. Let's hit it!

Go slow, feel the target muscle, and get that squeeze

- 1 - Clean & Press
- 2 - Chest - Push ups
- 3 - Shoulders
- 4 - Back
- 5 - Biceps
- 6 - Triceps
- 7 - Core

Go slow with the reps, and drop down to a lighter weight when you need to, even if that means reducing to just bodyweight.

Let's get after it!

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