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Kaivalya Shearer
Kaivalya Shearer
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Kaivalya Shearer

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Namasté. I’m Kaivalya.

A lover of all elements of nature, raised in the Rocky Mountains, transplanted to the land down under. Trained as a yoga instructor in Guatemala, with deepened wisdom at a beautiful ashram in Mysuru, India.

I loves to to help the world slow down;
to stop & smell the roses,
develop inner peace,
embarking on a journey of spiritual discovery,
through connection with our body, our temple.

Maintaining intention in every asana is key, a prayer in every movement.

Awareness of breath,
changes within the body,
lightness and openness,
fluidity & flow,
moving eyes closed,
with childlike enthusiasm
& reckless abandon...
that fuels my fire.

Dance & pilates influence my sequences, incorporating guided meditation, healing touch, and sacred ritual as part of our sadhana.

The answer is simple:
you begin just where you are.
Remember. Be. Here. Now. // Ram Dass

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