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Tiffany Low
Tiffany Low

Tiffany Low

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Originally from New Zealand, Tiffany has been based in New York for the past seven and a half years. Along with working a full-time job, she is also a Certified Mat Pilates instructor.

Tiffany's love for Pilates stemmed from feeling more centered and finding a deeper connection with her body, over the years of practicing (mainly Reformer Pilates) - a very important skill, when living in a frenetic metropolis. Having always been a fan of doing different workouts to target different areas in the body, she likes to incorporate other fitness in her regimen (yoga, barre, and HIIT), but Pilates is the one exercise where she solely focuses on her body and breath, thinking about targeting those tiny muscles one doesn't necessarily activate in other fitness techniques. That, plus gaining strength while simultaneously lengthening and toning her body are reasons she decided to become a Pilates instructor - because she wanted to share her passion with others.

All classes are open-level classes, with modifications for beginners and advancements for those who want an extra challenge.

For all of the Mat Pilates classes Tiffany has been teaching from home, she has been raising donations, of which 100% are contributed to various charity organizations that are aiding the front-line workers of this global pandemic. This means your donation will be going to a very good cause! If you have any questions, feel free to email

Equipment you may need in some classes: Pilates or Yoga Mat, 2 pound weights (optional) or you can use canned food from your pantry (have to improvise during these times!), yoga block or a thick book.

How to take Tiffany's classes

  • Weekly Instagram Live & IGTV
  • Watch right here on Give Fit Back - or on her YouTube channel

How it works

  • Honesty and goodwill applies - check out Tiffany's classes (right here on Give Fit Back, or via Instagram or YouTube)

  • Choose how much you'd like to donate
  • All the proceeds go directly to the instructor 
  • Donate as many times as you like - every dollar counts!