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Charlotte Long
Charlotte Long
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Charlotte Long

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Hello! I’m Charlotte. Loving using our lockdown time to move more than ever! Would love for you join me in a class some time. Currently doing Zoom Pilates and HIIT classes, however you can also access short videos and workout ideas on my Instagram - Longevityfitness_nz or PM me for customised one on one or group training.

My Pilates classes focus on mobility of the spine in all directions, core control, firing up our Glutes, and lubricating our hip joints! And on alternate days we sweat it out with short but challenging HIIT sessions. Accessible to everyone, lots of options to take it up or down a level, and add equipment or just use your bodies.

See you there!


  • Monday 12:30 HIIT
  • Tuesday 9am Mat Pilates
  • Wednesday 12:30 HIIT
  • Thursday 9am Mat Pilates
  • Friday 12:30 HIIT

How to take Charlotte's classes

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  • Honesty and goodwill applies - check out Charlotte's classes (via Zoom)

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