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Alice Finnigan - Fitwithfin

Alice Finnigan - Fitwithfin

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Hi my name is Alice and I have a huge passion for fitness and health & wellness! 

My passion has come from my own fitness journey. A time where I never enjoyed nor wanted to move my body is now a time where I cannot wait to not only move my body but help others do just the same! 

I created Fitwithfin as a platform to share my journey which transformed into a business Instagram when I decided to become a qualified personal trainer! 

I absolutely love strength training and feeling strong! I train my clients subject to their goals that we have set and where they are at within their own journey! 

Fitness should be FUN and that's what I try and bring to every one of my clients or classes! 

I have Monday 6PM & Wednesday 8AM lives - check the GFB calendar for weekly updates! 

I also offer Online Coaching: to enquire! 

How to take Alice's classes

How it works

  • Honesty and goodwill applies - check out Alice's classes (via Instagram)

  • Choose how much you'd like to donate
  • All the proceeds go directly to the instructor 
  • Donate as many times as you like - every dollar counts! 
  • Once a week we send a report to the instructor of who has donated. You can include a note to them when you add to cart.